About Us

Shock Red are a games development team, formed officially in November 2015.


Unofficially, Shock Red is a husband and wife team, who met whilst both working at the development studio Graftgold in 1992. Since that time, we have both worked at a number of companies, in a variety of roles. Oh, and we got married (yay!), got a mortgage (boo!), and have 2 cats (Perkins and Huxley) and 2 dogs (Elliot and Wordsworth).


Over the years, we’ve both worked at a variety of games development studios. We’ve worked on great games, with great people. We’ve been lucky enough to go through the good times, and unfortunately the bad times too.


Finally, we decided that the only way to really enjoy what we do is to do it on our own terms and to take the leap into creating our own games development studio. Playing games should be fun and developing games should be fun too. We believe that if we have a good time creating a game, then the end result will contain that same spirit.


Simply put: We want to create games that you will enjoy. That would make us happy. That would make us want to create more games for you to enjoy. I think you get the idea…


We’re at the beginning of an exciting journey. Anything can happen, we think it’s going to be good!

We’d love you to come along and enjoy the ride too.


Jason & Emma Page

Shock Red.


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