Why no updates?
26 January, 2016


Yes, we’ve been very quiet recently, for a number of reasons:

  1. Isn’t starting a new business time consuming?! We’ve attended the rather brilliant Pocket Gamer Connects conference in London for two days. Lots of great advice, all wrapped up in loads of *very* short presentations (20-30 minutes each)  – And it was brilliant! We’ve attended (and presented) any many game conferences over the years – specifically, the PlayStation Developer Conferences (AKA DevStation) , Develop and Games Developer Conference (AKA GDC). Each would normally have presentations lasting between 30-60 minutes. Keeping them short resulted in keeping them focused. And, obviously, allowed for more presentations. A superb two day event.
  2. Setting stuff up – Ikea furniture doesn’t build itself you know! Seriously, this kind of thing takes time. Suddenly, another day has gone by going off to buy furniture, bringing it back and then building it (next time, I’m getting an electric screw driver. Ouch, my hands). Like-wise, trips to printers for business cards and so on – all takes time away from the keyboard.
  3. We’re *already* looking to redesign the website to allow it to be far more flexible and to generally meet our future requirements. As such, we didn’t want to be posting lots of information here now. We’d rather hold off until we’ve got the site working how we want.
  4. Oh, and we’ve been writing some game stuff! Yes, we’ve actually managed to write some code and draw some graphics, amongst all of this. We’ll share more on that side in the near future.

Anyway, hope you’re all well too?