We’re here!!
21 January, 2016


Sunday 17th January 2016: A New Development Team!


Finally, we are proud to officially announce the creation of a new game development team: Shock Red.



We’re a husband and wife team (more info here), who between us we have been programming, creating artwork and making audio for video games since 1988.


We’re now thrilled that we can now work together on projects that excite us – and we hope that you’ll enjoy them too.


We want to write games that inspire us. We love working on ideas and seeing them come to life, possibly in ways that we never originally imagined. We believe that games development is an organic process and that we should take inspiration from everywhere.



Not only do we want to create great games, but we also want to create a great company that we can be proud of.

It’s bigger than just writing and releasing a game. It’s bigger than just running a business. We want this company to evolve,

and for you to be part of this journey with us.


We would aim to recapture the fun of the “good old days” – not only by creating addictive games, but also in our own working practices: Small teams, trying new ideas, listening to the players, but ultimately following our own hearts.


For everything we do, we want to make sure that we follow these simple rules: Inspire. Create. Fun.

Game development can be tough going. Running a business can be tough going too. So, it’s important that we remember *why* we are doing this!

Creating games should be fun – it’s why we wanted to work in this industry in the first place!

We believe that if we have fun writing games then you will have fun playing them.




We aim to update this site (along with our Twitter and Facebook pages – Please follow!) with information about the development of our games,Office_Dogs_lores

as well as anything that may be interesting regarding the running of an indie games business.


Thanks for reading! (Jason & Emma Page – co-founders of Shock Red Ltd. – Oh, and from our dogs, Elliot and Wordsworth too)