Welcome to Shock Red

We’re a husband and wife team who between us have been working in the games industry for over five decades.
As well as handling game design and development, we are also specialists in audio and graphics.
Currently focusing on IOS (iPhone and iPad) games.

Our Games

Coming soon to screen near you.
  • Alone on the Road – V2
    Alone on the Road - V2
    by Grivetart
    Theme color edition

    Alone on the Road – V2

    May , 2014
  • Downtown
    Downtown by PeteAmachree


    May , 2014
  • A Kind of Paradise
    A Kind of Paradise
    by Grivetart

    A Kind of Paradise

    May , 2014
  • Guild Wars 2 Wallpaper. YouTube video
    Guild Wars 2 Wallpaper
    Black edition

    Guild Wars 2 Wallpaper. YouTube video

    May , 2014
  • Delerict
    Delerict by SeaMonkey1


    May , 2014
  • Area 42
    Area 42 by Grivetart

    Area 42

    May , 2014

Our Diary

See our latest updates. Our diary contains entries for our progress on our current game, as well as thoughts on other topics too!
  • A New Website
    A New Website
    February 19th, 2016

    For anyone who’s been following us for a while (thank you!), you might notice that we’ve already updated our website to something FAR more professional! Big THANK YOU to Ian Bryce for his amazing work here. It’s perfect.   What have we been up to? So many things, actually....

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  • Why no updates?
    Why no updates?
    January 26th, 2016

    Yes, we’ve been very quiet recently, for a number of reasons: Isn’t starting a new business time consuming?! We’ve attended the rather brilliant Pocket Gamer Connects conference in London for two days. Lots of great advice, all wrapped up in loads of *very* short presentations (20-30 minutes each)  –...

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  • We’re here!!
    We’re here!!
    January 21st, 2016

    Sunday 17th January 2016: A New Development Team!   Finally, we are proud to officially announce the creation of a new game development team: Shock Red.   We’re a husband and wife team (more info here), who between us we have been programming, creating artwork and making audio for video games...

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